Hand-dyed alpaca yarns -- sourced and spun in the US!

Alpacas are an eco-friendly animal, being gentle on the land and easily sustainable. Our shop focuses on the beautiful fiber from the alpaca -- luxurious, soft, silky, warm. Alpaca fiber is lighter & warmer than wool, softer than cashmere and has wonderful wicking properties that are quickly making it the fiber of choice for both outdoor enthusiasts and red-carpet designers.

Our shop is making this fiber available to everyone -- in the form of carefully designed alpaca blend yarns that are then lovingly hand-dyed. Yarn for socks, yarn for sweaters, yarn for anything you want to love for years! We will be launching a yarn club this year (2016) as well, so favorite our shop or head over to the website to keep an eye out for that! Those yarns will be dyed in smaller quantities and only available to club members, so don't miss your opportunity!

If you are looking for handmade items (hats, cowls, scarves, gloves, etc.), message me with your specific request. I am in the process of changing my yarns and have taken down the custom-order items for now. They'll be back!